clique codes.

Choose one of the codes below to link back to Dearest, or you can always make up one of your own! Be sure to replace the "Shiro & Keith" & "" -parts with your chosen otp and your website name.

Shiro & Keith is the OTP of

<center> Shiro & Keith is the <a href="" target="_blank">OTP</a> of </center>

Shiro & Keith is the one true pairing of

<center> Shiro & Keith is the <a href="" target="_blank">one true pairing</a> of </center>

One True Pairing :: Shiro & Keith

<center> <a href="" target="_blank">One True Pairing</a> :: Shiro & Keith </center>

OTP :: Shiro & Keith

<center> <a href="" target="_blank">OTP</a> :: Shiro & Keith </center>

Shiro Keith

<center> Shiro <a href="" target="_blank">❤</a> Keith </center>

image codes.

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Pixels by a very sweet and good friend. 😘 Thank you very much!