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Dearest has been running since June 16th 2013 and was a part of Amassment's Clique Happy event. Dearest is an endearment used for a beloved.

You are currently viewing version two of Dearest featuring Haruka and Michiru from Takeuchi Naoko's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. It's my very first f/f & BSSM design so it's extra extra special. It's definitely nostalgia to the max ;w;

Haruka and Michiru is the first f/f pairing to be added here (yay!) and was my source of inspiration, hehe ~ Maybe someday, Dearest will feature an m/m design... but not before I actually realize my BL projects, haha. /hit I struggled with the background of this (blank bg > texture too noisy > must drown by light > now it's too light lmfao) and thought I'd have to concede on using some other image(s) but thankfully, that didn't happen ahaha. ;orz This image was just too perfect to not use, ok ;_;

With the new design comes a few tweaks around the site: the pages are now similar to Patron's, condensed the about/links page to one and more importantly (yes, the most important thing /hit), the examples have been changed to reflect the current ship that owns my heart and soul for months now, ahaha. Sheith will probably continue to own my heart for years to come. Yeah, I've fallen hard and I'm loving every second of it, lmao.

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Version two of Dearest is made possible with the following resources: image from minitokyo; textures from haudvafra, lovelamp, loveisdolce and shizoo; and finally, brushes from coby17, hanako-lovely and morfachas. Join form is powered by Jem's PHP Mail Form. Theme was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and coded in Textmate.


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