important guidelines.

Nothing too complicated, just make sure you've read these before filling out the form below.

  • Since this is a "one true pairing"-clique, you must have a website. No porn/racism.
  • Choose a pairing for your website. It can be from any fictional series — t.v., mythology, animation, games, etc.
    • No real life couples.
    • Please keep the characters in your pairing canon to their series — i.e. no OCs (original character) paired up with a canon character or any crossovers.
  • You are allowed to claim as many pairings as you can, provided that the website you list for each claim is different from the other.
  • Please include the series name and full names of your claim (e.g. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Takashi Shirogane (Shiro) & Keith).
  • Fill the form carefully and send it only once. All the fields are required, but it should be pretty well spam-protected, so no worries.
  • Put the code on your website. Very simple. I will not list you without the code.
  • I will also check back every now and then. If I can't find the code, you'll be removed from the list. No warnings. I consider your removing the code as a sign that you no longer want to be listed. However, you can always apply again if you want to.

claim a pairing!

You can also email me the necessary info if you don't want to use the form. See here.

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If you want to edit your information, please send me a direct email.